Leeds Arena Seating Plan

Leeds Arena Seating Plan


Leeds Arena is the first Arena is the United Kingdom to have a purpose built fan-shape design with a contemporary and innovative layout where all seats face the performance area.

For standard shows the Arena bowl has fixed tiered seating starting at Block 101 and goes from left to right ending in Block 109. Seats are numbered from 1 upwards meaning for blocks 102 - 105 & 202 - 205 seat 1 is nearest to the stage but furthest from the stage for blocks 112 - 115 & 212 & 215. The floor blocks are normally numbered 1 -18 left to right when facing the stage.

This page gives information about Leeds Arena Seating Plan. Further information can be found at www.seatingplan.net about different configurations at Leeds Arena including Seated, Standing, Boxing and Darts Seating Plans.

Traditional arenas have four sides of seating around a sports pitch, which is not ideal. Leeds Arena will have one large super-theatre seating bowl that emanates from the stage.

This fantastic design will offer:

  • every spectator a perfect view of centre stage regardless of the seat location: every seat will be the best seat in the house;
  • a maximum distance from centre stage of 68 metres as opposed to 95-110 metres at traditional arenas;
  • the best acoustic experience of any large arena venue in the country.